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Frequently Asked Questions

Naturally Strong offers meal plans and personalized group fitness sessions to achieve lean, toned muscles and a healthy lifestyle. Eat great, feel great and live Naturally Strong!




What does the Meal Plan include?

The Meal Plans consist of breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner menus for 6 days of the week, 3 weeks at a time. These affordable Meal Plans include recipes and grocery lists to make it easy for you and your family to be healthy! You can follow the calendar precisely, or you can swap days and mix it up to best fit YOUR active schedule!

How does the Meal Plan work?

Meal Plans and grocery lists (weeks 1 through 3) - will be sent to your email. You will be invited to join a closed Facebook group for support and accountability. This is like a Meal Plan community where you can post your meal photos and if you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask and share! We also share tips and inspiration to keep you on track!!! Start with week 1! Head to the grocery store a day or two before you plan to start (most people start on Monday, and shop on Sunday) with your list in hand to make shopping for your items quick and easy! Get to prepping! Prep as much as you can (chop veggies, organize fridge, prep for the Monday meals) and you are ready to go!

What types of recipes are included?

Most recipes use ingredients that are in season so we can all indulge in fresh fruits and veggies. Typically each menu consists of a breakfast recipe, lunch recipe, smoothie recipe, snack recipe, dessert recipe, and 4 or 5 dinner recipes that all use healthy gluten-free ingredients. Each recipe is easy to follow and calls for ingredients that are easy to find.

How much does a Meal Plan cost?

Each three-week plan is $20. That’s less than a dollar a day!

How many people does a plan feed?

We’ve designed all dinner recipes for a family of four, and even account for leftovers for the next day’s lunch. The smoothie recipes could be for 1-2 people.

Are the grocery lists budget-friendly?

Because we recommend buying the freshest and most organic, local ingredients possible, it helps to visit a store that sells inexpensive vegetables since most of each list is made up of vegetables and meat. We buy for the entire week, and in our experience, going to the store once is much less expensive than going to the store several times a week. (That’s when all the junk food and unnecessary extras seem to find their way into your shopping cart!) The plan is designed for you to not go out to eat except maybe once or twice a month – you will have leftovers and lunches prepped, so you should not be spending much at all on food besides your grocery list!

How and when do I sign up?

New Meal Plans are available to purchase at the beginning of each month. However, past Meal Plans may be purchased at any time. Both options are available on our website.

How do I pay?

Payments are made online and we do offer PayPal!




What should I expect from a Naturally Strong class?

These 45-minute classes are intense, fast-paced, high-energy, high cardio classes designed to burn calories, condition and sculpt the entire body. We use body weight exercises that are great to tone the body with no bulk – creating long, lean and STRONG bodies. We also include Pilates-based core moves to target the abs and also Barre inspired exercises to lift and sculpt the rear. No bulk! Lean! Tone! Sculpt!

What do I need to bring to a Naturally Strong class?

Bring a mat, water and maybe a towel. We will sweat!

Can I come even if I am a beginner?

Of course! Even though these classes are designed to be intense workouts – we have all levels that attend. We can modify any moves.

What results should I expect from these classes?

Not only will you feel great after a workout, but the entire body is targeted. These classes are designed to burn lots of calories and to sculpt and tone. Being committed to these classes will result in lean, toned arms, sculpted core, tighten rear and strong, lean legs.



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