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Naturally Strong offers meal plans and personalized group fitness sessions to achieve lean, toned muscles and a healthy lifestyle. Eat great, feel great and live Naturally Strong!



Naturally Strong Classes* are high-intensity training, body-weight only, cardio-packed and sculpting sessions specifically designed to create that long, lean and STRONG look!!! 

All Classes are Drop-In Friendly, or you can JOIN us for a UNLIMITED Membership that includes all classes for that month PLUS UNLIMITED includes the 3-Week Meal Plan for the FULL PACKAGE so that you eat better, feel better and Live Naturally Strong! 




Class Schedule

ALL classes DROP IN FRIENDLY! $10/Class

(Except Dance Cardio + Pilates Strong are $12) 

Fall 2017:

(Check Team Naturally Strong Classes Facebook Page for ALL current schedules and class changes!) 


9:30 a.m. - HIIT, Fairhope Bluff


5:30 a.m. - HIIT, Fairhope Pier

9:30 a.m. - Pilates Strong @ Little Point Clear  


8:15 am - HIIT Fairhope Pier 

9:30 a.m. - HIIT, Fairhope Bluff


5:30 a.m. - HIIT, Fairhope Pier

9:30 a.m. Dance Cardio @ Mobile Ballet Daphne


9:30 a.m. - HIIT, Fairhope Bluff 


(look for class updates) 

7:45 a.m.  HIIT

8:30 a.m. Barre 


**Check FACEBOOK for weather updates/changes! If rain, we will go to Kudzu Aerial on Young Street!


I feel so lucky to have found Nonie. Her awesome personality and passion for fitness, nutrition, and our success has kept me inspired and motivated. I would highly recommend Naturally Strong classes with Nonie Taul, as it takes a very special person and leader to devote time into the most indescribably AWESOME full-body workouts I’ve ever experienced!
— Shannon N.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect from a Naturally Strong class?

These 45-minute classes are intense, fast-paced, high-energy, high cardio classes designed to burn calories, condition and sculpt the entire body. We use body weight exercises that are great to tone the body with no bulk – creating long, lean and STRONG bodies. We also include Pilates-based core moves to target the abs and also Barre inspired exercises to lift and sculpt the rear. No bulk! Lean! Tone! Sculpt!

What do I need to bring to a Naturally Strong class?

Bring a mat, water and maybe a towel. We will sweat!

Can I come even if I am a beginner?

Of course! Even though these classes are designed to be intense workouts – we have all levels that attend. We can modify any moves.

What results should I expect from these classes?

Not only will you feel great after a workout, but the entire body is targeted. These classes are designed to burn lots of calories and to sculpt and tone. Being committed to these classes will result in lean, toned arms, sculpted core, tighten rear and strong, lean legs.


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*As with any change in diet or exercise, be sure to consult your physician prior to beginning a new regimen.

Cardio + + HIIT + Sculpt = Fit Living