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Meet the Team!


Our Team

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Nonie Taul

Owner! You will see Nonie teaching HIIT, Barre, Combo, Kickboxing, Sculpt, and everything in between! Nonie’s classes are high energy, fast paced and FUN! With over 5 years experience - Nonie is certified in Advanced Group Fitness, Advanced Yoga, and Nutrition Advisor!


Erin Scott

Erin Scott is a group fitness instructor, personal trainer and Senior Master Trainer for Beachbody LIVE, providing ACE, AFAA, and NASM continuing education in the southern United States. Erin lives in Alabama with her husband and two dogs. She served as master presenter for collegiate fitness conferences such as Southeast Collegiate Fitness Expo, Gulf Coast Fitness Expo and EVOLVE Fitness Symposium and presented nationally at SCW Fitness conventions. Erin received her Biology degree from Virginia Tech and is a former neuroscientist with Harvard Medical School and MIT. Erin is passionate about lifting others up to see their fullest potential. Her mission is to help people experience the fun and excitement of fitness.

Professional Highlights include:

  • Beachbody Live Master Trainer

  • AFAA Primary Group Fitness Instructor

  • ACE Personal Trainer

  • Precision Nutrition, BOSU and TRX specialty education

  • INSANITY Live Master Trainer of the Quarter in Q1 of 2015

  • Beachbody Live Master Trainer of the Month in September 2016

  • Beachbody Live Master Trainer of the Quarter in Q2 & Q3 of 2017

  • Beachbody Live Top 5 Master Trainer of the Year 2017

  • Beachbody Live Master Trainer of the Quarter in Q1, Q2 & Q3 of 2018


Jenny Sumrall

Jenny Sumrall is an amazing mama, marathon runner, incredible athlete, former dancer, a certified coach by the USA Track and Field, certified in both Advanced Group Fitness and Advanced Pilates, AND has her masters and licensed in occupational therapy!!!! You can catch Jenny’s Pilates classes, Strength & Sculpt and HIIT the Run classes at the pier!!!!


Karli Booth

Karli started as a dedicated Team Naturally Strong member and has now joined our team as HIIT the Run instructor & HIIT instructor. This Advanced Group Fitness Instructor loves teaching classes outside and is a cute mom of 2 young boys.


Patricia Cash

Patricia Cash has over 20 years experience as Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor! We love this mom of 4 and Kindergarten teacher’s amazing energy! You can catch Patricia’s low impact but INTENSE SCULPT classes that use weights and bands!


Michelle Roberts

Michelle has joined our team as Certified PIYO and TurboKick instructor! This cute mom of 2 girls started off as a Team Naturally Strong member and now joins us as instructor!!!


Ashley Holmes

Ashley Holmes is a certified personal trainer and specializes in Kettlebell Training!!! Ashley believes Kettlebell Training is the best + most efficient way to strengthen the muscles and raise the heart rate and keeping the workout low impact!! Join Ashley for Kettlebells & Strength Wednesdays @ 9:30!!!


Lauren Stanley

We love having Lauren join us in the studio Tuesday’s at 12:00!!! Lauren holds a degree in kinesiology and minor in health & fitness! Lauren has taught a variety of fitness classes for 9 years!! Lauren’s TONE class is a full body combo workout! You work 10 minutes of arms! 10 minutes of legs! 10 minutes of cardio! 10 minutes of Abs and 5 minutes of stretch!


AmberJoy McLean

We are thrilled to add AmberJoy McLean to the NS Team as our Yoga Instructor! AmberJoy’s class is a great mix of Power Yoga and Stretch! Catch her class Fridays at 10:30!


Gill Hart - Team Member leader

Gill joined our team as Team Member leader! She is your go-to for all membership questions! Gill is so well versed in all things Naturally Strong! Wether you need questions answered about classes, meal plans, or just joined us and need some accountability - GIll is your girl! Thrilled to have her help organize events and keep our community growing STRONG!!!!