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Naturally Strong offers meal plans and personalized group fitness sessions to achieve lean, toned muscles and a healthy lifestyle. Eat great, feel great and live Naturally Strong!


Fast Results! No Bulk, Lean, Tone, Sculpt and High Energy!

Delicious, clean eating Meal Plans combined with awesome fitness class is a one-two punch for on the go moms! 

What  People Are Saying...

Our entire family loves the Meal Plan! It is yummy, healthy food that will please picky kids and hungry hubbies! You will see (and more importantly, feel) the results of the plan. I was a healthy eater before, but cutting out gluten and limiting sugar and dairy got rid of my bloated belly, helped me lose weight and re-energized me. The best part is that it’s a lifestyle, not a diet. We never feel hungry or deprived! The second best part is that someone else is doing half the work for you. Every week a yummy new menu arrives complete with fresh seasonal recipes and a grocery list with tips on best brands and categorized in a handy spreadsheet. Nonie makes it so fun and easy!
— Kelly W.
For all my friends with busy schedules (so...all of you), this is an AMAZING, HEALTHY and ECONOMICAL way to cut out the meal-planning and just follow the guide, grocery list, and recipes that Nonie lays out for you!!! We love our Naturally Strong meals!!! Everything is provided virtually - easy peasy.
— Taylor S.
After having two babies, it has been a struggle to get back to my pre-baby weight. Before I started Nonie’s Meal Plans, I worked out and thought I was eating healthy, but I still couldn’t lose a pound. Once I started her Meal Plan I noticed a difference pretty much immediately - my clothes fit better and I just felt so much better! I have been able to keep off the weight and with her awesome workouts I have been able to tone up too! I love my arms now! I’ve gone from a size 12/10 to a 6/4! And an added bonus is that my girls are trying new healthy foods and actually eat dinner and that makes this mama happy!
— Jilly H.

The Meal Plans have become a must-have to serve nutritious meals during the week. The recipes are healthy, delicious and come with an invaluable shopping list.
— Kirsten G.



Words will never be enough to describe Nonie. Her energy and enthusiasm are boundless. Our health is her top priority and she will NEVER give up on you. She is AMAZING!
— Lizl K.

Nonie’s meal plans came at the most perfect time me. I am a mama who really does love to cook for my family, BUT with life’s craziness I had started to dread my weekly meal plan session. I was in a major rut. Her menus have been so awesome...they have taken the guess-work out of meal planning and I get to cook yummy new things every single night. I also just love Nonie - her sweet, supportive personality and her fun Facebook groups. She is there for us, no matter what. She loves food, loves to cook, and has a passion for helping others achieve their goals, whatever they may be. There have been plenty of times when I have been behind that week, with no time to cook. I will message Nonie saying, ‘Help! I need something quick, easy, and using what I have in freezer or else we are going out to eat!’ She always comes to my rescue the best, fastest recipe. She really is the best!!! You won’t be disappointed!
— Edie T.
In September 2014 Nonie created Naturally Strong Nonie - it’s a two-part business - half fitness training, and half nutritious meal planning. Think of it as a one-two punch for busy moms”
— Mobile Bay Monthly June 2016


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